Iowa Obamacare Exchange Enrolls Five People

Insurance officer likens the process to a radio call-in contest
Health overhaul in Illinois / AP

The Des Moines Register was able to identify five people in Iowa who, after being repeatedly booted off the system and delayed, were able to sign up for a health insurance plan through the Obamacare exchange.

The Tom Harkin Institute of Cronyism

Allegations of improper donations, rushed implementation dog Tom Harkin Institute
Harkin Institute, Tom Harkin /, AP

The Harkin Institute for Public Policy’s short life has been riddled with controversy from its secretive inception within the Iowa Board of Regents to ethical questions about its namesake’s relationships to the Institute’s donors.

Voter: ‘I Was Not Calling Ryan Out’

'The Romney/Ryan plan is what our country needs'
AP Images

An Iowa woman was “shocked” at the way her comments at a town hall meeting with Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan were portrayed in the media and by President Barack Obama’s campaign.

Sugar Daddy in Chief

Five examples of Obama using executive authority to entice key constituencies

President Obama has repeatedly over the past several months used his executive authority to reward certain key constituencies, a process sometimes referred to as “vote buying.”

Fly Over Country

Congress demands answers on EPA drones over Iowa and Nebraska

U.S. Congressmen are demanding answers from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Obama administration’s surveillance flights over U.S. farms.

EPA drones over Iowa

Rep. Latham: ‘Don’t treat Iowa farmers like the Taliban’

In response to reports that the Environmental Protection Agency is using unmanned aerial drones to monitor Midwest farms, Rep. Tom Latham (R., Iowa) sent a letter to an EPA administrator Sunday demanding more information on the surveillance program.