Bill Daley Reverses Fundraising Opinion

Bill Daley / AP

Former White House Chief of Staff and candidate for governor of Illinois Bill Daley reversed his stance on raising funds while the Illinois legislature was in session. He claimed that his status as a candidate and not elected official renders him immune from being improperly influenced.

Starting Over in the Land of Lincoln

Illinois conservatives call for massive pension reform in wake of Democratic failure
Illinois state union members and supporters rally in support for fair pension reform / AP

Conservatives are calling for a total transformation of Illinois’ public pension system in the wake of Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s failure to reform the program, which is nearly $100 billion in debt.

Ill Pension

Illinois reels after lawmakers reject pension reforms
Pat Quinn / AP

Illinois lawmakers rejected Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s push for pension reform in the state’s lame duck sessions this week, leaving Illinois with nearly $100 billion in unpaid pension debt and the Democratic Party at odds with its labor base.

Fatal Attraction

Chicago Tribune relies on questionable source to bash ailing GOP senator

As Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) recuperated from a severe stroke, the Chicago Tribune published what critics deemed a scathing attack on his credibility that was based solely on accusations from his ex-wife, whom those close to the Kirk family describe as unstable and unreliable.

The Wisconsin Boom

State economy soars after collective bargaining fight

Wisconsin has pulled back from the brink of fiscal insolvency after Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining and budget reforms, despite doomsday warnings of fiscal disaster.