HuffPo’s Anti-Vaccine Creds Intact Following Stallworth Hire

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Donte Stallworth—a former NFL player who killed a man while driving his car in a drunken stupor, a crime for which he served a whole month in jail—has been hired by the Huffington Post to cover foreign policy. However, it’s not the killing of a person that has earned Stallworth and the HuffPo mounds of derision. It’s Stallworth’s history of advocating 9/11 Truth conspiracy theories and other completely insane claptrap. Bobby has a good run down of his long track record of idiocy here.

On Twitter, Stallworth has made a … well, a rather limited recantation of his previous beliefs. Pay attention to the word choice in the first of three tweets “explaining” how his thinking has “evolved” on the “idiotic conspiracy theory that he vocally and repeatedly argued for”:

NYT Meekly Apologizes to HuffPo

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New York Times staff editor Juliet Lapidos apologized Wednesday to the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein and Michael Calderone for a joke at HuffPo’s expense during her employer’s hours-long Internet blackout.

Arianna Went Goon in Rented Apartment, Lawsuit Says


Huffington Post matriarch Arianna Huffington just got buggywhipped with a lawsuit alleging the outspoken Occupy Wall Street defender acted like a fool in her lavish 4,000 square foot Chelsea apartment, causing more than a quarter of a million dollars in damages some three miles from Zuccotti Park, where she had defended the hippies and vagrants who battled, and subsequently failed, to make rich people like herself feel bad.

The anti-HuffPo—the New York Post—has the deets: