Hezbollah Sanctions Bill to Disrupt Terror Network

New bill would crack down on group’s funding, drug trade, TV station
Hezbollah fighters / AP

House lawmakers on Monday are set to introduce a new bill that would greatly tighten economic sanctions on the terror group Hezbollah by going after its foreign assets, narcotics trafficking rings, and its media apparatus, according to information obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Laser War

Israel unveils laser defense system to shoot down short-range rockets
An Israeli soldier is seen next to an Iron Dome rocket interceptor battery / AP

JERUSALEM—Israel has unveiled a laser defense system that it says will be able to shoot down rockets and artillery shells with a high-energy beam.

Iran Hosts Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leaders

Top Iranian officials praise anti-Israel terror group
Javad Zarif / AP

Senior Iranian leaders on Wednesday hosted a delegation of top officials from Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a deadly anti-Israel terror group that is sanctioned by the U.S. State Department.

Iran Sanctions Relief Could Fund Terrorism Against U.S.

No strings attached to cash destined for Iran
Hezbollah fighters, Iran may use unfrozen assets against the United States

Iran has been granted absolute control over more than $4 billion dollars that will be unfrozen and returned to Tehran under the recently enacted nuclear accord, causing concern that the cash will be used to fund terrorism.

Iran Reveals New Details of Shoulder-Fired Missiles

Anti-terror officials concerned missiles could be given to Iran-supported terror orgs
Iranian Misagh shoulder-fired missile system

Iran this month unveiled details on two shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles that are a major concern among U.S. and allied counterterrorism officials due to Tehran’s support for global terrorist groups.

Iranian-Backed Hackers Steal Classified Israeli, Saudi Military Info

Cyber attack is response to assassination of Hezbollah leader
Iran-backed hackers stole information from the Israeli and Saudi military

An Arab hacking group with ties to the Iranian government claims to have seized classified information from servers belonging to the Israeli and Saudi governments, as well as the Saudi Binladen Group, a construction conglomerate run by the family of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

Hezbollah, Israelis Trade Accusations Following Assassination

Assassinated Hezbollah figure reportedly headed terror org’s technology and communications unit
Funeral procession of Hassan al-Laqis in Lebanon / AP

JERUSALEM—The midnight assassination of a secretive Hezbollah operative in Beirut last night became a regional whodunit when Hezbollah blamed Israel while Israel pointed a finger at a Lebanese Sunni organization.