Report: Obama Seeks Meeting With Iranian President


President Barack Obama has sent two letters to senior Iranian leaders in recent months requesting a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, according to Persian language reports recently translated by a Middle East research organization.

Farrakhan to Speak in Iran at Rally Celebrating Islamic Revolution

Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan, the longtime Nation of Islam leader most well known for his racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, accepted an invitation to speak at an upcoming rally in Iran following an address by the Islamic Republic’s president, Hassan Rouhani, according to Persian language reports.

Rouhani to Make First Visit by an Iranian President to Europe in a Decade

JERUSALEM—When Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits a major United Nations institution in Rome Wednesday, on the first visit by an Iranian president to Europe in more than a decade, he will be upbraided for Iran’s making a “mockery” of the Holocaust by holding a satirical Holocaust cartoon contest, the Tel Aviv daily Ha’aretz reported Tuesday.