Baby Boom: Federal Workers Were Busy ‘Getting Busy’ During Gov’t Shutdown

Wikimedia Commons

It was nine months ago this week that the Federal Government experienced a partial shutdown. The budget impasse between House Republicans and the Obama administration over funding for Obamacare kept several thousand federal employees home for two weeks.

The bulk of those workers live in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area and now, nine months later, we have tangible proof of what many of those federal employees were doing with the extra time on their hands.

Catholic Priest Target of Retaliation by Feds, Complaint Claims

Priest’s contract voided following filing of lawsuit
A catholic Navy chaplain gives communion to a L.T. j.g. / AP

A Catholic Navy chaplain barred from practicing his religion during the recent government shutdown is now the target of retaliation by the federal government, according to an amended complaint filed by his attorneys.

The National (Zoo) Nightmare Ends

Feature: National Zoo attracts reporters, kids following shutdown
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The Hollywood mother was in high demand in Washington on Friday morning as parents foisted their children before the shoulder-cams and radio mics of various reporters at the entrance of the National Zoo.