1,461 Days of Summer

President Obama golfs with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning in Martha's Vineyard / AP

The headline was brutal. “Bam’s Golf War: Prez tees off as Foley’s parents grieve,” read the cover of Thursday’s New York Daily News. Obama’s gaffe was this: He had denounced the beheading of James Foley from a vacation spot in Martha’s Vineyard, then went to the golf course. Seems like he had a great time. Such a great time that he returned to the Farm Neck Golf Club—sorry, membership is full—the next day.

Highlights & Takeaways from THE POLITICO’s Profile of President Obama


THE POLITICO has published an epic philosophical profile of President Obama, the story of a man whose desire to assume his natural place among the global cultural elite is constantly frustrated by the fact that he is merely President of the United States (and somewhat obligated to serve out the remainder of his second term). He is quite clearly suffering from the Oval Office equivalent of Senioritis.

Read the whole thing, as it contains (probably) some of the most bizarre sentences ever written about a sitting president.

On Obama’s supreme confidence:

Chinese Tiger Mauls Augusta

The biggest headline out of Augusta so far is Chinese wunderkind Guan Tianlang who, at 14, was not only was the youngest golfer ever to compete in the Masters, but also finished his round 1-over-73, finishing ahead of last year’s champ and hovercraft pilot Bubba Watson.

Even more glaring than a score that bested Arnold Palmer’s and Jack Nicklaus’s first-ever rounds at Augusta is how Tianlang is yet another instrument of the public relations apparatus of the People’s Republic of China.

I watched Mike Tirico’s interview with Tianlang above and was struck by two things: