Misplaced Priorities

Report: Obama spends more time on vacation, golf than economy

President Barack Obama has spent more time on vacations and golf outings during his presidency than he has spent in meetings on the economy, according to a report released Sunday.

Chinese Tiger Mauls Augusta

The biggest headline out of Augusta so far is Chinese wunderkind Guan Tianlang who, at 14, was not only was the youngest golfer ever to compete in the Masters, but also finished his round 1-over-73, finishing ahead of last year’s champ and hovercraft pilot Bubba Watson.

Even more glaring than a score that bested Arnold Palmer’s and Jack Nicklaus’s first-ever rounds at Augusta is how Tianlang is yet another instrument of the public relations apparatus of the People’s Republic of China.

I watched Mike Tirico’s interview with Tianlang above and was struck by two things:


Leading from behind the green

President Obama hit the links over the weekend, marking his 100th round of golf since becoming the leader of the free world in 2008.

Obama’s War On Women

President Obama believes it is “long past the time” for women to be admitted to the traditionally all-male Augusta National Golf Club, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday. The president himself, however, has a well-documented history of excluding women, especially on the golf course.