Leave Obama Alone! Liberals Actually Believe Obama Is the First President to Be Publicly Criticized


As the world burns, President Obama is taking criticism from all sides. Even Salon editor (and Free Beacon aficionado) Joan Walsh has conceded: “I’d probably have suggested not golfing after [Obama’s] moving statement on journalist James Foley’s execution.”

Of course, most of this criticism is due to the prevalence of social media, but even so, Obama defenders have returned to one of their favorite arguments: Criticism of our current president is unprecedented; literally no one criticized the sitting president until 2009.

Derek Jeter Honored By George W. Bush Tribute

Derek Jeter, Geroge W. Bush

I hate the New York Yankees. All right-thinking Americans do.

That said, it’s hard not to have respect (if not grudgingly) for the captain, Derek Jeter.

Jeter is enjoying his final professional season and, as tradition dictates for a player who is an automatic Hall of Fame inductee, he is being celebrated at every ballpark he visits for his final game there.