Liberal Media Inflates Hillary Clinton’s Achievements Yet Again

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

You may have seen reports yesterday that Hillary Clinton “dodged” a shoe throw at her during a speech in Las Vegas. Here’s the New York Daily News: ”Hillary Clinton dodges a shoe thrown at her while giving Las Vegas speech.” Here’s the Chicago Tribune: “Hillary Clinton dodges shoe during Las Vegas speech.” Here’s E! online: “Hillary Clinton Dodges Shoe Thrown by Woman in Las Vegas—Watch Now!” Indeed, let us watch now:

Greatest Living President Hones Painting Prowess


Beloved former President George W. Bush continues to improve as a painter, honing a unique style that is at once hyper-realistic and daringly abstract, seeming to transcend the natural world. Bush’s portraits exude the personality of his subjects, and offer a rare glimpse into the soul of the man behind the brush.

Bush will be unveiling more than twenty portraits of world leaders as part of a new exhibit at Southern Methodist University, titled: “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy.” It looks fantastic. See for yourself (photos via Associated Press):