Clinton Foundation Donors Are Having a Bad Week


It’s been a bad week for donors to the Clinton Foundation, the so-called charitable organization run by members of the Clinton political dynasty. Clinton Foundation donors who are currently dealing with adversity include:

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Old Friends’

Hillary Clinton hugs her old friend Jon Corzine. (AP)

Hillary Clinton took questions from the media in Iowa on Tuesday for the first time in four weeks. When asked about her relationship with longtime Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal, who was personally advising the State Department while he was employed by the Clinton Foundation and perusing business interests in Libya, the former secretary of state told reporters: “I’m going to keep talking to my old friends, whoever they are.” Talking regularly with Blumenthal, she argued, was a way for her to escape the “bubble” of insider politics.

In additional to Blumenthal, here are a few of the “old friends” Hillary may be keeping in touch with.