Fair Game

Conservative think tank slams hypocrisy of Obama ally
CAP founder John Podesta / AP

A conservative think tank that the Center for American Progress has accused of being a corporate shill slammed the liberal behemoth for its reported hypocrisy.

Progressives for Sale

Secret corporate cash behind Obama-allied think tank, leak reveals
CAP founder John Podesta / AP

A liberal think tank with close ties to the Obama administration took money from General Motors and other businesses without disclosing that fact as it publicly campaigned for policies benefitting those companies.

Friends in High Places

Schweitzer wins seat on board of company he intervened on behalf of during auto bailout
Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer / AP

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer won a seat on the board of a major mining company on May 2 and will now benefit from a deal he brokered on behalf of the company as the state’s Democratic governor.

The UAW Versus the World

Union, Democrats argue against inclusion of Japan in trade treaty

A trade agreement that has garnered broad support from a diverse array of organizations in the United States has drawn staunch opposition from labor unions and congressional Democrats.

Muscle Cars, Power Politics

GM CEO refuses to comment on lawsuit that could imperil GM bailout
GM CEO Dan Akerson / AP

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson refused to comment on the failed lawsuit negotiations that could imperil the company’s future after a closed door meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Little Red Ink Corvette

GM CEO heads to Capitol Hill as bailout settlement talks fall apart
2014 Corvette Stingray / AP

General Motors CEO Daniel Akerson will roll up to Capitol Hill in a flashy new Corvette Stingray to sell lawmakers on the company’s prosperity less than 24 hours after settlement talks fell apart in a lawsuit that could undo the bailout.

Treasury Sold $489M in GM Shares in February

To break even on the rest, GM shares would have to more than double in price

Taxpayers now own a little less of General Motors. The U.S. Treasury sold $489.9 million in GM shares in the month of February, the Treasury Department has reported to Congress.

Fannie Motors

GM’s securitization of subprime auto loans could create auto bubble

General Motors has flooded financial markets with auto-backed securities in an effort to offload its risky subprime loans onto banks, which is a strategy that industry insiders say could produce a bubble.