Environmentalist Foundations Fund Anti-Fossil Fuel Echo Chamber

Nonprofit news venture shares donors with green groups it routinely cites
Offshore fracking in California

Wealthy foundations fighting oil and gas extraction around the country have incorporated ostensibly dispassionate news outlets into their grant-making portfolios, creating what some describe as a self-sustaining environmentalist echo chamber.

A Tale of Two Cities

Texas oil town has lowest unemployment rate in the nation; site of world’s largest solar plant has highest
Midland, Texas / AP

The U.S. metro area with the lowest unemployment rate is a shale oil boomtown. The one with the highest unemployment rate houses the world’s largest solar plant.

Gas Attack

Column: How Democratic donors benefit financially from climate policy
Tom Steyer, George Soros, John Podesta / AP

Some lies just won’t go away. In February the Washington Post published an article with the following headline: “Why There’s No Democratic Version of the Koch Brothers’ Organization.” It was the umpteenth attempt to explain, in a particularly simplistic manner, how the millionaires and billionaires who donate money to the Democratic Party are nothing, absolutely nothing, like those meanie cancer research philanthropists Charles and David Koch.

Photos Debunk Key Anti-Fracking Claim

Water wells supposedly contaminated by fracking were flammable years before gas drilling
Gasland Part II director Josh Fox / AP

Newly released photos of a flaming water well have renewed skepticism of claims by environmental activists and federal regulators that hydraulic fracturing made drinking water supplies in Parker County, Texas, flammable.

Proponents of Keystone XL Tout State Department Findings

Environmental impact study was seen as hurdle for pipeline’s approval
Construction of the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas / AP

Proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline seized on a report released Friday by the State Department that found approving the project would have little environmental impact.

Environmentalists Defend Pedophilia Advocate

Fractivist barred from oil company’s lands said parents should engage their children sexually
Vera Scroggins / AP

Environmentalists are rallying to the defense of an anti-fracking activist who has advocated pedophilia and incest after a Pennsylvania court barred her from entering any land owned or leased by a local oil company.

Hacks Lack Facts in Frack Attacks

Analysis: Environmentalists struggle with accuracy in anti-fracking Politico column
Hydraulic Fracturing site / AP

A pair of prominent environmentalists penned a column Tuesday for Politico Magazine attacking hydraulic fracturing littered with dishonest and incorrect claims.

Film Fest Cancels Screening of Pro-Fracking Documentary

Frozen River Film Festival will still screen anti-fracking Gasland Part 2
Fracking site in Michigan / AP

A documentarian is accusing a Minnesota film festival of political bias after it cancelled a screening of a documentary supporting the environmental and economic cases for hydraulic fracturing, an innovative oil and gas extraction technique.

MoveOn Announces Effort to Slow Fracking Boom

Fracking propelling country toward domestically produced energy abundance
Hydraulic Fracking

Leading left-wing advocacy group MoveOn.org announced a new effort on Thursday to oppose innovations that are propelling the country towards a new abundance of domestically produced energy.