One of the ‘Important People’

FEATURE: This is what happens when a reporter tries to make an OBGYN appointment with Eric Holder’s wife
Marilyn Jerome, Sharon Malone

I was told the OBGYN practice where the wives of two prominent Democrats are partners reserves its morning appointments for “important people.” It was an intriguing claim, especially given the fact that Foxhall OB/GYN Associates does not accept Medicaid even as the office is being used as a prop in a Democrat’s congressional campaign.

I decided to investigate. Could I get a morning appointment? Was I one of the “important people”?

U.S. in Talks with Snowden on Possible Plea Deal

Former NSA contractor currently in Russia
Edward Snowden / AP

Federal prosecutors recently held discussions with representatives of renegade National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden on a possible deal involving his return to the United States to face charges of stealing more than a million secret NSA documents, according to U.S. officials.

Wolf ‘Deeply Concerned’ with ‘Nixonian’ Obama DOJ

GOP representative criticizes DOJ’s efforts to pressure law enforcement officials on marijuana
Eric Holder / AP

Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) said Tuesday he is “deeply concerned” that DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart is being pressured to fall in line with the Obama administration’s political positions, despite conflicts with federal law.

Former AGs, DEA Officials Oppose Sentencing Reform

Praise current system’s ‘balance’ between congressional action and judicial discretion
A Sacramento, Calif. prison / AP

Nearly 30 former top law enforcement officials and attorneys urged Senate leaders to defeat a bill aimed at reforming drug sentencing laws in a letter released Monday.

Holder Cancels Graduation Speech Amid Protests

AG had been scheduled to address police cadets in Oklahoma City
Alana photo

Attorney General Eric Holder canceled a speech to a graduating class of police cadets in Oklahoma City on Thursday, after crowds of Oklahomans flocked to the ceremony to protest his appearance.