16 Takeaways from Elizabeth Warren’s New Memoir, ‘A Fighting Chance’

Elizabeth Warren / AP

Freshman Senator and 2016 frontrunner Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has written a memoir. The book documents her rise from humble beginnings, her tireless efforts to establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the internal struggles of someone who never really wanted to come to Washington, D.C., and get involved with politics, but who nevertheless has found it hard to quit the nation’s capital.

Here are 16 takeaways:

Five Takeaways from Elizabeth Warren’s Major Foreign Policy Speech at Georgetown University


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) delivered a major foreign policy speech at Georgetown University on Wednesday, increasing speculation that she is considering a presidential run.

Here are five takeaways:

1. All three of her brothers served in the military.

“My oldest brother flew 288 combat missions in Vietnam,” she said. “I am proud of their commitment and proud to have grown up in a family that honors military service.”

Cruz Envy

Ted Cruz

Liberals don’t like Ted Cruz, but they’re rooting for him, because they feel he’s going to destroy the Republican Party. What they ought to be feeling is this: profound embarrassment.

Ever since his unexpected primary win over an establishment-backed lieutenant governor in 2012, Cruz has been a source of great frustration to the Republican establishment. The conservative base is crazy about him for this very reason. It’s why the junior Senator from Texas has become the most influential politician in Washington.