U.S. in Talks with Snowden on Possible Plea Deal

Former NSA contractor currently in Russia
Edward Snowden / AP

Federal prosecutors recently held discussions with representatives of renegade National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden on a possible deal involving his return to the United States to face charges of stealing more than a million secret NSA documents, according to U.S. officials.

Hayden Defends NSA Surveillance

NSA employed new methods to defend national security
Gen. Michael Hayden / AP

Former National Security Agency (NSA) Director Michael Hayden defended the agency’s contested surveillance programs on Thursday as vital tools for defending national security during an era of rapidly evolving global communications.

White House Cyber Chief Says Snowden Damage Will Be Felt for Decades

Obama opposes foreign government control of Internet, Michael Daniel says
Edward Snowden

Damage to U.S. national security caused by NSA contractor Edward Snowden will take decades to repair, the White House official in charge of cyber security said Friday.

“Make no mistake: We are going to be dealing with the fallout from that for all of your careers, and the impact that that has had on our national security will reverberate for decades,” Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president for cyber security, told Naval Academy midshipmen.

Congressman Urges SXSW to Cancel Snowden Speech

Intel Committee member says 'traitor' NSA leaker endangered American lives
Edward Snowden

A member of Congress on Thursday called on organizers of the technology conference South by Southwest (SXSW) to cancel a planned speech by National Security Agency leaker and fugitive Edward Snowden.

Five Questions for Edward Snowden

Former Booz Allen employee Edward Snowden

Former Booz Allen Hamilton employee and wanted fugitive Edward Snowden was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize last month, shortly after having his asylum extended by pro-peace advocates in the Russian government. Guardian reporter Luke Harding has written a book about Snowden. We won’t read it, because The Washington Free Beacon has long considered itself an anti-traitor website. But we would very much like to interview Snowden. Here are five questions for him: