Out of Touch

Americans don’t care about the issues on OFA’s target list

The stated priorities of President Barack Obama’s shadowy activist group, Organizing for Action (OFA), are not the issues most Americans care about, according to numerous polls ranking the country’s political priorities.

Critics Slam Taxpayer-Funded Political Attack

National Cancer Institute funds study calling Tea Party tobacco-funded AstroTurf

A new study funded by a federal agency purports to show that the Tea Party movement was created by and works to advance the interests of the tobacco industry.

Hilltop’s House of Mirrors

Roots of left-wing network lead to mysterious Beltway consulting firm

A web of political organizations stretching from Montana to Washington, D.C., have connections to a single Democratic consultancy, which refuses to answer questions about its involvement with those groups.

Cut the Credits

Pompeo: End all energy tax credits
Rep. Mike Pompeo / AP

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) has introduced a bill to repeal all federal energy tax credits, calling them bad energy policy and a roadblock to lower energy rates for consumers.