NRA: Massachusetts ‘Abusing’ Citizens

Applicants for firearms licenses say state slow-walking approval
Massachusetts gun owners face long wait periods for fire arm I.D.'s

A National Rifle Association affiliate says Massachusetts is “abusing” law-abiding citizens by delaying the issuance of firearm licenses beyond the time frame outlined by state law.

Majority of N.H. Voters Support Keeping Gitmo Open

WFB Poll: NH voters also favor trying suspected terrorist in military tribunals
View of the U.S. Naval Station base in Guantanamo Bay / AP

New Hampshire voters support the continued operation of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and say detained suspected terrorists should be tried in military tribunals rather than civilian courts, according to a Washington Free Beacon poll.

More Taxpayer Funds Wasted
on Solar Company

Dept. of Labor grants additional $400K to laid off Evergreen Solar employees
Evergreen Solar panels / AP

A bankrupt Massachusetts solar company that received more than $30 million in state funds is still costing taxpayers money in the form of special unemployment assistance from the Department of Labor, according to a Wednesday press release.

Warren Gives Awkward Press Conference


Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren clumsily dodged questions and exchanged one-sentence responses to reporters at her first press conference with Gov. Deval Patrick since the election, the Boston Herald reports.

Patrick stonewalls on parking records

Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is refusing to release parking records of state officials that would show when they arrive for work and when they leave, citing safety concerns, but critics say it’s part of an ongoing battle against public accountability by the Patrick administration.