Grey Hair, Silver Lining: Hillary Clinton Polls Well With Elderly Voters

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The most recent Quinnipiac poll is awful news for Hillary Clinton. Most voters don’t view her in a favorable light, and the first words that come to mind when they think of her are “liar,” “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy,” while “bitch” and “murder” are slightly lower down the list. She’s getting outperformed by Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in head-to-head match-ups with the leading Republican candidates. Democratic voters seem to be holding out for Joe, because they love him.

#ThrowbackThursday: Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama


Remember that time Hillary Clinton thought she would win the Democratic nomination and then become president only to be thwarted by a plucky upstart named Barack Obama? That must have been pretty humiliating. It’s easy to forgot how nasty that race was. On #ThrowbackThursday, we invite you to recall the good old days of sick burns, witty barbs, and John Edwards.

Immigration Questions for Democrats


Republicans get asked about immigration all the time, mostly to get their reactions to something Donald Trump said, but not always. Democrats hardly ever get asked about immigration, and when they do it’s always to get their reaction to something a Republican said (in response to an actual question about immigration).

Immigration is a controversial issue, and far more complex than the media coverage would have you believe. For example: “Should there be a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?” is not the only question that requires an answer in the debate over immigration reform. If reporters really wanted to, they could force Democrats to weigh in on some of the more contentious (and severely under-covered) aspects of the immigration debate, by asking questions like…

Free Beacon Comics Presents: Media Matters!


Media Matters! is a comic strip that documents the zany adventures of truth warriors David Brock and Eric Boehlert. They’ll stop at nothing to expose the lies behind the “mainstream” media’s conservative agenda to destroy Hillary Clinton. It’s a gritty business, where a single tweet could spell the difference between victory and despair, where media really does matter.

Note: The dialogue for these comics is comprised (almost exclusively) of verbatim quotes lifted from Boehlert’s Twitter feed.

Five Hillary Clinton Gestures That Will Redeem Your Faith In Humanity

Hillary Rodham Clinton

There’s a reason Hillary Clinton is known in some quarters as “America’s grandmother.” That charming, carefree laugh. That calm, attentive nod. She carries herself with a grace that defies the harsh reality of the human condition. Her smile is like a dollop of warm love melted over golden buns. Her voice is the pure harmonic bong of freedom’s bell. Her jingle-jangle spirit jolts the spine and soothes the cynic’s soul.

Here are five defining Hillary Clinton gestures that will fill your heart with joy.