Bill Clinton to Attend Dinner Named After Prominent Slaveholder, Genocide Advocate in State Where Obama Almost Lost to Convicted Felon


Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak Friday at Democratic Party-sponsored event named after prominent slaveholder Thomas Jefferson and genocide advocate Andrew Jackson. The controversial Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner will take place in Charleston West Virginia, a state where President Obama almost lost the 2012 nomination to Keith Judd, a convicted felon and 2012 Free Beacon Man of the Year.

Team Hillary Warns Biden: ‘Nice Legacy Ya Got There…’


Hillary Clinton really doesn’t want Joe Biden to run, mostly because he’s more authentic, likable, funny, popular, experienced, engaging, off-the-cuff, and human than she is. But she’s not allowed to come out and say this explicitly. Instead, her allies are working behind the scenes to make sure Biden gets the message: “Nice legacy ya got there, would be a shame if something were to happen to it.” The New York Times reports:

Humor & Heart: Hillary Clinton Super PAC Spontaneously Compares Bernie Sanders to Communist Dictator


Hillary Clinton’s spontaneous campaign is going pretty well. On Monday, she sat down with former Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez and sounded off on fun pop culture stuff like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And in another display of zany, off-the-cuff antics that will melt your heart, a pro-Hillary Super PAC attacked her chief Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, by comparing him to former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and newly elected UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, a left-wing crazy person and terrorism sympathizer. The Huffington Post reports:

Hillary Clinton Invokes the Bible to Insult the Press

Persecutors and the persecuted. (AP)

Hillary Clinton hates the media almost as much as she hates Barack Obama for beating her in 2008. “She hates you, period,” a Clinton campaign aide told POLITICO. “That’s never going to change.”

But now that Clinton, who has spent almost her entire life in politics (which is a long time because she’s so old), is trying reintroduce herself to the American people by showing more “humor and heart” (and dance moves), she has promised to at least pretend that she doesn’t despise the media.