From the Clinton Foundation, a Heaping Pile of Corporate Bullsh*t

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The Clintons just can’t help themselves. As Bloomberg editor John Heilemann said on Monday: “Their obsession with money…has been a hallmark of their careers.” When the Wall Street Journal revealed last week that the Bill, Hillary, & Clinton Foundation had quietly dropped its prohibition on donations from foreign governments, many thought it was an especially sleazy move, even for the Clintons. The foundation’s initial response was defensive and evasive, agreeing only to reevaluate its acceptance of foreign donations “should [Hillary] decide to run for office.”

The Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and His Royal Highness King Salman of Saudi Arabia Clinton Foundation


The Wall Street Journal reported this past week that the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has quietly dropped its ban on foreign contributions and is accepting donations from the governments of “the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Australia, Germany, and a Canadian government agency promoting the Keystone XL pipeline.” The Journal’s conclusion: Since 2001 “the foundation has raised at least $48 million from overseas governments.”

Rich Obama Donor Wants to Give Jon Stewart $100 Million Per Year to Keep His Show

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Democratic politicians are lamenting the news of Jon Stewart’s retirement from the Daily Show, but one rich Obama donor isn’t ready to go quietly into that good night. Digital media mogul Ross Levinsohn, whose only political donation are to President Obama and the Democratic Party, wrote a groveling Facebook post imploring Stewart to stay on the air, saying he would pay Stewart $100 million a year plus equity to do a new version of the Daily Show in a direct-to-consumer format.

Hillary Clinton’s Top Corporate Donors Are Among The Most Hated Companies in America


Corporations love to give money to politicians who look out for the interests of corporations. Hillary Clinton, for example, has accepted tons of campaign donations from some of the most hated corporations in Americans over the course of her political career. Harris Poll, a marketing research firm, has published its annual list of the “most …