Bill Clinton Creeps on Daughter of Guy Who Tried to Buy New York Senate for Dems

Bill Clinton creeps on daughter of John Catsimatidis / Twitter

A picture of Bill Clinton with the daughter and wife of New York City’s grocery store king John Catsimatidis exploded on Twitter last night, for very obvious reasons. The Catsimatidis family has long been close with the Clintons. John Catsimatidis raised more than $750,000 for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid in 2008, and often lets …

Democracy Alliance Pledges to Keep Donors Secret

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the site of the Democracy Alliance donor conference in November / Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

A shadowy club of ultra-rich liberal donors assured contributors at a recent closed-door meeting that it will not disclose their involvement if they wish it to remain secret.

The Democracy Alliance says opacity in political funding and the influence of “big money” is corrosive to the democratic process, but the group currently discloses nothing about the hundreds of millions of dollars it steers to leading liberal and Democratic organizations.