CAP Cancels Rollout of Project Aimed at Working Class White Voters

‘Bobby Kennedy Project’ put off until 2016 due to ‘insufficient funding’
CAP senior fellow Ruy Teixeira

A top liberal group has temporarily abandoned plans for a new project designed to court white working class voters after it could not marshal the necessary financial support for the project, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

EXCLUSIVE: Democracy Alliance Network Revealed

Funding ‘snapshot’ details nearly $40 million in Alliance support for 20 groups this year
Jim Messina, David Brock, Neera Tanden

A secretive dark money group backed by George Soros and other liberal mega-donors is looking to steer nearly $40 million to left-wing groups in 2014 to support high-profile political and policy efforts, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Read the Confidential Document Left Behind at the Democracy Alliance Meeting

A list of new members of the Democracy Alliance offers a revealing look into the secret group of liberal billionaires
Randi Weingarten Larry Cohen Amy Golbman

The Democracy Alliance takes pains to ensure that its work disbursing millions of dollars to top left-wing organizations remains secretive and free from public scrutiny. But a document left on the floor of the group’s recent gathering reveals for the first time the names of a number of individuals involved in the effort.

Security Tight at Secretive Democracy Alliance Meeting

Billionaires and millionaires rub elbows behind closed doors with Democratic pols and progressive foundations
The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

Democrats have long railed against the lack of transparency in political funding, but security was airtight this week as a hush-hush network of progressive moneymen and activists held a closed-door conference to map out their plan to shift U.S. policy to the left.

DNC Owes Democracy Alliance Big Time

DNC took out $15 million in loans from dark money club’s newest member
Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) AIPAC

The union-owned Amalgamated Bank, which is still owed millions by the Democratic National Committee, was introduced as a new partner of the Democracy Alliance at its annual meeting in Chicago this week.

THE POLITICO Newsletter Sponsored by Liberal Billionaire Omits THE POLITICO Report on Liberal Billionaires

Tom Steyer / AP

Today, we’re pleased to see that THE POLITICO scribe Ken Vogel’s excellent reporting on the Democracy Alliance, a secretive confab of left-wing millionaires and billionaires, is (currently) the feature story on THE POLITICO website.

But it’s nowhere to be found in today’s THE POLITICO Playbook, which just happens to be sponsored by left-wing eco-billionaire Tom Steyer.