The Bloomberg Presidency

Column: Obama puts the priorities of the elite over the people
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The future of gun control and immigration reform, and how effective or meaningful either law ultimately would be, remains uncertain. What is certain is that neither guns nor immigration is a public priority, or even close to one.

Likely Voters: Romney More Trustworthy on Budget

Romney: 'I know what it takes to balance budgets. I've done it my entire life.'

Romney edged out Obama, 49-45, when extremely likely voters were asked which presidential candidate they’d trust to manage their family budget, according to a poll commissioned by national debt watchdog Public Notice.

Mr. Vague

Obama's plans on taxes, spending lack specifics, experts say
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President Obama’s reelection campaign has settled on two primary criticisms of Republican challenger Mitt Romney: His policy proposals are too vague and he’s lying about the details he puts forward.

Phantom Savings

Obama’s debt-reduction plan is filled with gimmicks
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President Barack Obama is perpetuating a repeatedly debunked claim regarding his commitment to deficit reduction, one of the highest priority issues for voters this election cycle.

Obama’s Mediscare Attacks Failing

Public rejects Obama attacks on Ryan plan, new poll shows
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Barack Obama’s talking point that Paul Ryan will “end Medicare as we know it” is failing, according to a new poll.

King’s Dominion

Fiscal record of ‘Independent’ Maine senate candidate under attack
Angus King / AP

Independent Maine Senate candidate Angus King’s fiscal record during his eight-year tenure as the state’s governor is under fire from Maine Republicans and outside pro-business groups and becoming a major factor in the three-way race.

The Mark of Kaine

$22B budget and pension deficit could hurt Tim Kaine’s Senate chances

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine left the state with a $22 billion deficit when he departed office in 2010, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

The Fail Bus

Obama Democrats struggle in response to bad economic news

President Obama took a break from the Hollywood fundraising circuit last week to tout his economic record in front of ordinary voters. However, his two-day “Betting on America” bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania coincided with the release of another disappointing jobs report, the latest troubling news about the economy.