DWS Donor Convicted of Wire Fraud Relating to Horse Murder Not Allowed to Give to DNC

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

A major donor to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) was forbidden from giving to the Democratic National Committee due to a past conviction of three counts of wire fraud following his electrocution of a horse to collect an insurance payout.

George Lindemann Jr., a Miami-based real estate developer and son of billionaire New York investor George Lindemann, was vetted earlier this year as a possible donor to the committee and to attend an event with President Barack Obama, according to an exchange contained within the latest batch of hacked DNC emails released by Wikileaks.

Am I a Kremlin Tool?

2016 Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA—Am I a Kremlin tool? This unsettling question occurred to me at an inauspicious hour of the morning at the Penrose Diner here in South Philly, host to the Democratic National Convention and still recognizably the working-class Italian neighborhood where Rocky was filmed. Fox News was broadcasting from the diner, and I was on site to labor on the pre-dawn shift, commenting for a couple of segments that focused on the Democratic Party’s stolen emails. It was just about primetime in East Asia, where Fox is probably available through some sort of digital feed, so it can’t be as bad as it looks.