Senator: Clinton State Dept. Broke Law, Lied About Boko Haram Terror Threat

Letter: Reports to Congress on Boko Haram terror threat intentionally misleading
Hillary Clinton

A leading senator has charged that Hillary Clinton’s State Department broke the law by intentionally obfuscating and downplaying to Congress the terror threat posed by the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram, which recently gained international infamy for violently kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls.

‘God Bless the Koch Brothers’

Senator David Vitter is addicted to freedom (AP)

Patriotic American and U.S. Senator David Vitter (R., La.) pushed backed against the Democratic Party’s troubling pro-cancer agenda this week by defending libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch, calling them “two of the most patriotic Americans on the face of the earth.”

“I’ll be honest with you. My reaction is God bless the Koch brothers, they’re fighting for our freedoms,” Vitter said at an event in Shreveport, La., on Tuesday in response to a constituent’s question about the nefarious “Kotch” brothers. Evidently, that constituent is unfamiliar with the Democrats’ bitingly clever slogan: “Republicans are addicted to Koch”—pronounced “coke,” as in the drug cocaine, which is addicting.

McCarthy Dodges Environmentalist Coordination Questions

Republicans press EPA chief on apparent collusion with far-left groups
Gina McCarthy / AP

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy dodged questions on Thursday about internal emails that appear to show top EPA officials using agency events to help environmentalist groups gather comments on agency rules.

EPA Delays Release of Jackson Emails After White House Review

Issa subpoenas EPA for records
Lisa Jackson / AP

The Environmental Protection Agency delayed releasing emails from former administrator Lisa Jackson’s secret account to congressional investigators after conferring with the White House, top Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Senate Committee on Environment and Public works said.

Senators Question Armed EPA Raid in Alaska

Call tactics ‘heavy-handed’ and ‘wholly unnecessary’

Two Republican senators are asking for answers following an armed Environmental Protection Agency inspection of an Alaskan gold mine in August.