Upholding the Constitution

Republicans highlight poor constitutional justifications for bills
U.S. Constitution / WC

Before a bill is approved by Congress it must comply with the Constitution. However, one group of Republicans is unimpressed by the offered justifications for constitutionality.

Obama’s Constitution

President runs roughshod over founding document
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President Barack Obama is running roughshod over the Constitution, legal scholars say, by disregarding it, changing laws outside the legislative process, and extending federal power in unprecedented ways.

Win Some, Lose Some

Liberals may come to regret parts of the Obamacare ruling, experts say

The United States Supreme Court on Thursday largely upheld President Obama’s controversial healthcare law by a narrow 5-4 majority.

A Tax Unlike Any Other

Court rules that Obamacare constitutes massive tax increase despite Obama claims to contrary

Chief Justice John Roberts ruled Thursday that Barack Obama used “magic words” to characterize a multi-billion dollar tax increase on middle and low income earners as a “penalty.”