Local Man Slams Facebook Spouse Sean Eldridge in Epic Letter to the Editor

Facebook spouse Sean Eldridge holds an award (via Twitter)

Sean Eldridge, the 26-year-old spouse of Facebook “poke” button pioneer Chris Hughes, has had a rough week.

THE POLITICO recently published a damning report on Eldridge’s strange reluctance to engage with the media. He faces mounting criticism over his efforts to unseat incumbent Representative Chris Gibson (R., N.Y.), a decorated war veteran and lifetime resident of the district he serves. Eldridge has lived there since 2011 in the $5 million Hudson River Valley estate Hughes bought to facilitate his husband’s political ambitions. “Eldridge” is the top donor to his own campaign (at least $700,000 and counting), and takes money from his billionaire friends while decrying the influence of “special interests” in politics.

Philmont, N.Y. resident Ed Fertik is not impressed. Fertik authored an epic letter-to-the-editor for the Register Star on Friday, in which he describes the “elitist” Eldridge’s campaign as “one of the most disgusting political maneuvers we could ever witness here in Columbia County.”

Sean Eldridge Plays Loose with the Facts

Sean Eldridge poses for photo with husband and poke button pioneer (AP)

As the self-appointed Free Beacon fact checker, I wanted to highlight a recent statement by Sean Eldridge, a congressional candidate hoping to use the fortune of his husband, the Facebook poke-button visionary and dead-tree publishing magnate Chris Hughes, to purchase a seat in Congress.

Eldridge recently ducked a reporter from THE POLITICO who was working on a profile of his effort to buy New York’s 19th District’s seat in Congress. When asked about the kerfuffle by a New York blogger, Eldridge reportedly snarked, “We’re not really concerned with a D.C.-based blog.” (Emphasis mine.)

As a fact checker—a checker of facts, a factual checker of statements, if you will—I was stunned to see that Eldridge had managed to make two separate factual errors in the space of three short words! Let’s break them down one at a time.

You Won’t Believe What This Super-Rich, Self-Financed, Carpetbagging Democrat Has to Say About Campaign Finance Laws

Facebook spouse Sean Eldridge holds an award (via Twitter)

Sean Eldridge is a Democrat running for Congress in New York’s 19th congressional district. He hasn’t lived there for very long; Eldridge and his husband, Facebook multi-millionaire/poke-button pioneer and New Republic editor-in-chief Chris Hughes, have had to shop around to find a suitable district for Eldridge to run in.

But now that’s he’s there in NY-19, Eldridge has pledged to run a “different kind of campaign.” He touts himself as “a leader in the fight to reform our broken campaign finance system and reduce the power of money and special interests in politics.” Naturally, he blasted the Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday that lifts restrictions on political donations:

Democrat Sean Eldridge Accused of Taking Illegal Contribution

Husband of New Republic editor used business group’s video without properly reporting, GOP claims
Sean Eldridge

New York Republicans filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission last month alleging that Sean Eldridge, a Democratic candidate for a New York House seat, accepted an illegal contribution from a local business group.

TNR Needs Women

Owner Chris Hughes pledges gender quotas
Photo via Flickr user Super Furry Librarian

The owner, publisher, and editor-in-chief of the New Republic issued a statement this week pledging to rectify the lack of sexual-identity diversity among its editorial contributors.

Chris Hughes, the inventor of Facebook’s “poke” button who bought the nearly a century old liberal magazine in 2012, vowed to bridge the publication’s gender gap and bring aboard a more sexually diverse bench of writers to the magazine’s literary pages.

Facebook Spouse Decries ‘Special Interests,’ Takes Money from Labor Unions, Billionaires

Facebook spouse Sean Eldridge holds an award (via Twitter)

Democratic Congressional candidate and Facebook spouse Sean Eldridge prides himself on running a “different kind of campaign.” He’s tired of seeing the voices of everyday people being drowned out by the “money, and special interests, and corporate interests in Washington.” He wants to fix that. At least, that’s what Eldridge told attendees at the RFK Democratic Club meeting last week in Albany, N.Y.