Jeb vs. John vs. Chris

Art by Gary Locke

Durham, New Hampshire—Children of America: John Kasich does not want you to take drugs. And he wants your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and siblings and the people down the street to remind you not to take them. When he’s president, he is going to remind you, too. Personally. Loudly.

Standing behind a ticking national debt clock, addressing a crowd of about 50 people in the basement of the Three Chimneys Inn, in Durham, New Hampshire, a charming bed and breakfast on a site built in 1649, Kasich told a red-headed boy sitting near the front with his siblings and their homeschooling mother not to give in to what, in my fourth-grade DARE class, we used to call “peer pressure.”

It’s Donald Trump’s Race to Lose

Trump (AP)

The Fox Business debate made clear that the Republican primary is Donald Trump’s race to lose. It’s not only that Trump continues his months-long polling lead and the debate won’t do anything to change that. It’s that Trump’s considerable political skills were on display Thursday evening. Provocative, gauche, funny, emphatic, and fearless, Trump doesn’t back down when the crowd boos him, he holds his own against more polished opponents, and he has identified and exploited the anger of many Republican and independent voters.