CAP Counts ‘Indirect Jobs’ in Green Energy, Ignores Them for Oil and Gas

Group applies more stringent standard for industries it doesn’t like
Gas well in Colorado / AP

The Center for American Progress said on Wednesday that an accurate accounting of jobs created by the oil and gas industry requires excluding “indirect jobs” created by it, but the group has included such jobs in its calculations of green energy employment.

Business Group with Obama Ties to Address Minimum Wage

Business Forward encourages members to contact CNN and ‘share your story’
Business Forward President and CEO Jim Doyle /

A business group run by former Democratic operatives with deep ties to the Obama White House is attempting to sway media coverage of the debate over a federal minimum wage increase.

Center for Conflicts of Interest

CAP policy analysts also employed by international consulting firm
Center for American Progress

At least three policy analysts at the Center for American Progress (CAP) are employed at an international consulting firm that has undisclosed foreign clients, posing a significant conflict-of-interest risk for the think tank, according to ethics experts.

Podesta Apologizes to Boehner for Jonestown Crack

Center for American Progress chairman called House GOP ‘a cult worthy of Jonestown’
Jonestown victims and John Podesta

The White House’s newest top adviser apologized on Wednesday for comparing House Republicans to members of a notorious suicidal cult after the comment drew fire from congressional Republicans.

Center for America-Iran Progress

CAP tied to firm that employed U.S. Iran negotiator, has undisclosed foreign clients
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman / AP

The Center for American Progress has received funding from a prominent Washington consulting firm that works with undisclosed foreign entities and previously employed the top U.S. negotiator on the Iranian nuclear program, raising questions about the progressive think tank’s commitment to transparency.

Podesta Group Clients Donated to Podesta’s Center for American Progress

12 corporate CAP donors paid Podesta Group millions
Many of John Podesta's lobbying firm's clients also supported his 501(c)3 Center for American Progress

Overlap between donors to the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the client list of the lobbying firm founded by John Podesta, CAP’s outgoing chairman, has some wondering whether the think tank acts as an extension of Podesta’s influence peddling.