Obama Campaign Borrows $15M from Bank of America

Warren Buffett invested $5B in BofA last year

Obama For America took out a $15 million loan from Bank of America last month, according to the campaign’s October monthly FEC report. The loan was incurred on September 4 and is due November 14, eight days after the election.

Democratic War on Women Continues

Speaker at DNC target of class action gender discrimination lawsuit
Costco CEO Jim Sinegal / AP

The Democratic Party plans to highlight the alleged Republican “war on women” at its convention in Charlotte next month, an effort that could be undermined by the selection of former Costco CEO and cofounder Jim Sinegal to address the convention.

The Salami Slice Presidency

Column: Obama’s reelection strategy is driving America apart
President Obama / AP

What makes Obama’s presidency ironic and indeed rather tragic is his persistent betrayal of the promises contained in that 2004 speech. The image of Obama as reconciler and unifier grows more distant and faint with each day. The president has not lessened our antagonisms or detoxified our political culture. He has made them worse.

Man with a Plan

WFB: Your Ryan Resource
AP Images

Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan for his vice presidential slot sparked a dishonest smear campaign against the Wisconsin congressman and his budget proposals. Turn to the Washington Free Beacon for all the facts on Ryan and his plan to save America.

Distinction with no Difference

Fine line separates Obama White House, campaign, outside Super PACs

During a fundraiser for the pro-Obama Priorities USA Super PAC in March, senior White House adviser David Plouffe gave a speech to two-dozen major Democratic donors. When it came time to ask donors to open up their wallets, however, Plouffe left the room. The abrupt exit illustrates how the Obama campaign and the White House divide activities in the new world of Super PAC politics.