CAP Fellow Teams Up with BDS Group to Thwart Israeli Visa Bill

Involvement reignites charges of anti-Semitism against CAP
Israel supporter interacts with member of a anti-Israel U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation rally / AP

A fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP) Leadership Institute was scheduled to moderate a congressional briefing Wednesday on ways to kill a piece of legislation that makes it easier for Israelis to obtain U.S. visas.

Obama’s Fanboys

Thought the State of the Union was Meh? You're not drinking the Kool-Aid

Senate Democrats Block Amendment to Restore Military Pensions

Amendment would close loophole that allows tax refunds for illegal aliens
Barbara Boxer / AP

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a Republican attempt to restore military pensions cut in last month’s budget deal, denying a vote that would save up to $20 billion by closing a loophole that allows tax refunds to go to illegal aliens.

Democratic Leaks Aim to Scuttle New Iran Sanctions

Error-ridden article about bill causes embarrassment
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani / AP

The Obama administration and its allies attempted to scuttle a new Iran sanctions measure late Wednesday night with a coordinated mix of leaks and statements just hours before the bill was to be filed by a bipartisan team of senators.

Democratic sources opposed to the new sanctions measure leaked the text of the resolution to a controversial freelance writer and former Center for American Progress (CAP) blogger who is known for his sympathetic views on Iran and hostility to pro-Israel organizations.