Don’t Authorize Obama’s War


The authorization for the use of military force against ISIS that the Obama administration sent Congress this week is not worthy of the name. Its language is far more about what the president won’t do against the terrorist army that controls much of Syria and Iraq—limits on ground troops and a sunset provision for the authorization after three years—than what he will do. Congress should reject it.

Rich Obama Donor Wants to Give Jon Stewart $100 Million Per Year to Keep His Show

Jon Stewart / AP

Democratic politicians are lamenting the news of Jon Stewart’s retirement from the Daily Show, but one rich Obama donor isn’t ready to go quietly into that good night. Digital media mogul Ross Levinsohn, whose only political donation are to President Obama and the Democratic Party, wrote a groveling Facebook post imploring Stewart to stay on the air, saying he would pay Stewart $100 million a year plus equity to do a new version of the Daily Show in a direct-to-consumer format.

Former Obama Adviser Brings the ‘War on Women’ to Great Britain

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod meets with Labor Party leader Ed Miliband. (AP)

Former Obama adviser and memoirist David Axelrod has taken his talents to Great Britain to advise the Labor Party ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for May. Fittingly, he’s facing off against another former Obama adviser, Jim Messina, who is consulting for Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party.

In addition to advising President Obama to lie about his gay marriage position, Axelrod oversaw the Democratic Party’s efforts to accuse Republicans of waging a “war on women”—a tactic he is apparently trying to deploy overseas. Axelrod has pivoted from mocking Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment during a debate, to using pink busses full of women to campaign for female votes:

America in Retreat: Not Just a Metaphor Today

The evacuated U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, Wednesday, Feb. 11 / AP

Yesterday the news broke that the U.S. Embassy in Yemen was shutting down its operations and evacuating American personnel under pressure from the Iranian-backed militia that has seized the capital, Sanaa. It appears that the evacuation is now complete, and that it was a disorderly affair in which U.S. vehicles were seized by the rebels, and Marines tasked with guarding diplomatic personnel were ordered to turn over their weapons to the Houthi gunmen at the airport. CNN reports: