The Bear Is Loose

Column: Obama fundraises while Putin runs amok

“The bear is loose!” President Obama has been saying, whenever he leaves the White House to visit Starbucks, or sandwich shops, or burger joints, or BBQ shacks, or neighborhood diners, in his increasingly rote and pathetic attempts to “connect” with “real people.” Obama, we have been told, is frustrated, “restless,” bored with the responsibilities and chores of office. He thinks of himself as the bear—intimidating, wild, untamed, roving—escaping his den. But he is flattering himself. Obama is not the bear. He is the cub: aimless, naïve, self-interested, self-indulgent, irresponsible, irresolute. The bear is in Moscow.

EXCLUSIVE Transcript of President Obama’s Call With Vladimir Putin

World leaders discuss plane shot down in Ukraine
President Obama talks with Vladimir Putting outside the "Charcoal Pit." (AP)

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained an exclusive transcript of President Obama’s brief phone conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin regarding the Malaysian Airline plane reportedly shot down in eastern Ukraine. The president ate lunch at the Charcoal Pit ahead of an infrastructure speech in Wilmington, Delaware.