Man of the Moment

Gov. Bobby Jindal, praised by conservatives, looks toward the future
Gov. Bobby Jindal / AP

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s name surfaced repeatedly over the course of the weekend’s National Review Institute Summit in Washington D.C., so it was only appropriate that the governor himself gave the final address on Sunday afternoon.

Conservatives Reflect on 2012

Conservatives discuss the future of the Republican Party
Rodin's 'The Thinker' / Wikimedia Commons

Conservatives discussed the future of the Republican Party at a panel discussion Friday at the American Enterprise Institute.

Top 5 GOP Convention Appeals to Disaffected Democrats

From Artur Davis to Jeane Kirkpatrick—and beyond
Artur Davis / AP

In 2008, Artur Davis spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Four years of Obama and he endorsed the Republican nominee and was given a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention. Here are five more Democrats who changed their minds.