Spy Games

Chinese suspected of spying on U.S. strategic missile base in Wyoming
F.E. Warren Air Force Base / AP

A group of Asian men set off alarm bells in U.S. counterintelligence circles last week by showing up outside the entrance to a U.S. strategic missile base in Wyoming.

Russia Violates U.S. Airspace

Northcom says Russian nuclear bombers violated U.S. airspace during arctic war games

The U.S. Northern Command and joint U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) Command said two Russian bombers violated U.S. airspace near Alaska during recent arctic war games.

The Bear at the Door

Russian nuclear bombers test U.S. air defenses in arctic war games during chilly Obama-Putin summit

Russian strategic nuclear bombers threatened U.S. airspace near Alaska earlier this month and F-15 jets responded by intercepting the aircraft taking part in large-scale arctic war games, according to defense officials.