Al Jazeera Senior Analyst: Jews Should Know Their Place

‘Some Jewish humility is good for you’
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Al Jazeera English’s senior political analyst is under fire for telling a prominent Jewish writer that he “gives Jews a bad name” and should know his place by showing “some Jewish humility.”

Comcast Dropped Popular Rural TV Network for Al Jazeera America

Hearing covers concerns about Comcast, TWC merger
Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen and Time Warner Cable Inc., Executive Vice President and CFO Arthur T. Minson Jr. / AP

Comcast dropped a popular rural television network last year right before launching the unproven Al Jazeera America network, one of several concerns raised by witnesses on Thursday about the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable (TWC) and its potential market power.

Al Jazeera to Take Legal Action Against Egypt

Says new Egyptian government harassed, intimidated network since Morsi was deposed
Al Jazeera English Channel staff prepare for the broadcast / AP

The Al Jazeera news network announced on Thursday that it would take legal action against “Egypt’s military-backed government” after it ordered the station’s local affiliate to end its broadcasts.