AIPAC Opposes Bill to Cut U.S. Aid to Palestinians

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

The nation’s leading pro-Israel lobbying group opposes new legislation that would cut off U.S. aid to the Palestinians, according to multiple sources tracking the debate.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the country’s top pro-Israel outfit, is not supporting new legislation by Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) that would cut off aid to the Palestinian government following its decision to form a unity government with the terror group Hamas.

Mr. Goldberg’s Profession

Jeffrey Goldberg and a Hezbollah flag on the Colbert Report

Jeffrey Goldberg has an arrangement with the White House, and understanding that arrangement is key to understanding the interview he just conducted with President Obama.

The arrangement works like this: Goldberg is provided exclusive access to the president at critical moments, in exchange for soft and flattering coverage of the president’s Middle East policies, especially his policies toward the state of Israel.