Pentagon May Have Been Defrauded by Foreign Companies in Afghanistan Construction Project

John Sopko

The Pentagon contracted with foreign companies that installed uncertified and possibly unsafe doors at the Ministry of Interior in Kabul, raising concerns about the U.S. government being defrauded by firms working on the multi-million dollar Afghanistan construction project.

The Rise and Fall of the Karzai Dynasty

Hamid Karzai, right, meets with tribal leaders in late 2001 / AP

A recent New York Times headline says it all: “15 Years Into Afghan War, Americans Would Rather Not Talk About It.” A Kingdom of Their Own by Joshua Partlow, who was the Washington Post’s bureau chief in Kabul from 2009-2012, explains in agonizing detail why. He has told the story of America’s involvement in Afghanistan since 9/11 by telling the story of the Karzai family, many of whom were working in their own restaurants and living in America when 9/11 happened.

Hamid Karzai was not, though; he was living in Pakistan in modest circumstances. At first, U. S. officials did not want him to be president of Afghanistan—he was not a significant player in the region—but he knew the different tribes and spoke the languages, including a British-accented English.