The Left Wing Conspiracy Comes to Montana

Governor opposed to ‘dark money’ groups benefitted heavily from them
Gov. Bullock / AP

Shadowy liberal groups helped propel to victory a gubernatorial candidate who has led the fight against undisclosed “dark money” and championed transparency in political spending.

Warren Gives Awkward Press Conference


Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren clumsily dodged questions and exchanged one-sentence responses to reporters at her first press conference with Gov. Deval Patrick since the election, the Boston Herald reports.

The Reality Check Election

Column: How Romney lost on culture and economics
Wikimedia Commons

Republicans (and I) thought the 2008 election was a fluke. We thought the Obama coalition of minorities, young people, and white liberals had been brought together under unusual circumstances: the unpopularity of the Bush presidency, the war in Iraq, and the recession and financial crisis. The 2010 midterms, in which the Obama coalition did not appear and Republicans had their best performance in decades, supported this assumption. A combination of GOP enthusiasm and a lackluster economy would spell trouble for Obama’s reelection. Obama would not be able to replicate his 2008 performance. His voters would not show up. We were wrong.

Battle for the Texas 23rd District

Two Latino candidates fight to win over Hispanic voters to take congressional seat
Rep. Canseco, Gallego AP

The congressional race in the 23rd District of Texas is the most difficult race in the country to call, according to some election experts, but Republicans say they have a solid lead with just one week to go leading up to the election.