Yarmuth: ‘No, I Don’t Think Are Not Close’


House Budget Committee member John Yarmuth (D.-Ky.) appeared "America's Newsroom" Friday morning.  When pressed by Bill Hemmer on the fast-approaching deadline for a deal, Congressman Yarmuth said Congress and the White House are not even close to a settlement.

BILL HEMMER: i have one more question because this is what people want to know. december start this is weekend. how far apart are the two sides? are you even close?

JOHN YARMUTH: no, i don't think we are close and it is a shame because we agree on a number of things. mainly we don't want taxes to rise for 98% of the american people and 97% of small businesses. we could solve that part of the cliff problem in an hour. there are ways we could proceed we have total agreement on.

HEMMER: we're waiting.

YARMUTH: unfortunately there are a lot, there is lot of garbage being thrown into this package.

Watch the full interview below: