When You’ve lost Richard Wolffe…

MSNBC commentator calls Obama's press conference 'actually embarrassing'


MSNBC.com editor and reliable White House defender Richard Wolffe had harsh words for President Obama Friday, calling his press conference "actually embarrassing" as he continued to make his case for military action in Syria.

Wolffe's criticism comes as a surprise and a sign of Obama's struggles given Wolffe's frequent pro-Obama stances during his MSNBC appearances.

"It was as muddled and unconvincing as you could possibly imagine," he said. "In fact, he looked so dog tired that frankly, he was making me tired just watching him and listening to him. If you want to take a country to a difficult place, which is this authorization for war, you have to be much more clear and convincing about what the rationale is, and the rationale is clearly about chemical weapons."