WFB’s Year in Review


The Washington Free Beacon has assembled a Year in Review that represents what 2012 was all about.

It is still uncertain if the Democratic Party views Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or if it was Jay-Z or a policeman that asked if the other was as sharp as a tack. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie engaged in a healthy debate with an "idiot". MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall showed us whose house it is. Virginia Delegate David Albo showed how we're all losers, the public and politicians alike, when we watch political advertisements. The real "War on Women" saw the light of day. Phrases like  "You didn't build that" and "Put y'all back in chains" were uttered. A former CIA operative made a call to action and a 71-year old Florida man answered. A reporter got himself fired on live television. The First Lady was reduced to stuttering after being grilled by a hard-nosed reporter.  BEASTMODE was born.   The future of the space exploration was laid bare.