WFB’s Ellison Barber: Drop in Union Support Setback for Obamacare


The Washington Free BeaconEllison Barber said the dwindling union support for the Affordable Care Act is a significant issue for Democrats Friday on FNC's "Your World."

Barber noted union dissatisfaction with Obamacare could cause many unions to rethink their plans to organize for and contribute to the Democratic Party:

ERIC BOLLING: I want to get to the union hypocrisy in a minute, but Ellison, let's talk a little bit about Nancy Pelosi said, let's pass this bill because we have to pass it to fine out what is in it first, President Obama said if you like your doctor you can keep it that doesn't seem to be the case. Talk to us, is Obamacare unravelling in front of our eyes?

ELLISON BARBER: I think it's certainly a fair argument you can make. This is absolutely an additional setback. And we've seen Obamacare have a lot of setbacks over the past couple weeks, from the delaying of the employer mandate to HHS's announcement they are going to allow you to self-report in order to determine if you are eligible for insurance subsidies, so this absolutely an additional setback. But I also think this is very problematic for the Democrats. Because usually they can count on unions to be a great ally for them, and this is one of their allies publicly coming out and turning against the bill that they really need their support for. So I think you're also going to see a lot of Democrats moving forward that are going to be worried about not having the support of unions in terms of mobilizing voters as well as financially and they are usually a very trusted source for them, so this is a problem for the Obama administration as well as Democrats in general.

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