Weak jobs growth puts spotlight on Senate


May’s dismal jobs report has shined a spotlight on Senate Democrats for failing to act on more than two dozen House jobs bills.

Republicans in the House have passed more than 25 bills aimed at creating jobs since 2011, including efforts to build the Keystone Pipeline, expand oil exploration, curb regulation, and increase tax cuts for small businesses, as well as an Obama-endorsed Jobs Bill. But nearly all of those bills have stalled in the Democratic Senate.

Republicans lashed out at Obama for pursuing spending and tax increases amidst economic woe, as well as for failing to pressure the Senate to pass the jobs proposals.

"President Obama's failed policies have made high unemployment and a weak economy the sad new normal for families and small businesses," [House Speaker John] Boehner said in a statement.

He argued that for the last three years, "the unemployment rate has remained far above what the administration predicted with the ‘stimulus' spending binge."

Boehner also blamed Congressional Democrats for halting legislation that Republicans argue would improve the economy, such as the production of the Keystone pipeline.

Unemployment rose to 8.2 percent in May, as the economy added only 69,000, roughly 100,000 less than expected.

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