Warren Emails Supporters for Cash

Debt expert needs help after burning through $40 million in campaign money


Despite raking in more money than almost any Senate campaign in history, Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren's campaign is in debt–and she is asking supporters for help.

Warren, who will soon assume a seat on the Senate Banking Committee, emailed supporters Wednesday, according to the Boston Globe's Michael Levenson:

Warren did not say how much debt she needs to pay down, but blamed the shortfall in part on the thousands of volunteers who flocked to her campaign, saying "that meant even more last-minute coffee and pizza."

"One of the results of our embarrassment of riches was, well I’ll come out and say it – we ended up with a little bit of debt," Warren wrote. "Everyone, we need a little more money to pay off our final bills. Can you help one more time?" […]

"I know this was the most expensive Senate race in the country," Warren wrote. "And I know that we’ve sent you a bazillion e-mails asking for money over the past year. I’m sure you expected them to all end once the votes were counted – and yes, that’s what I thought too. Right now, I’d rather be writing about filibuster reform and banking regulation . But we still have a little more to do to wrap things up. Can you help one more time to finish 2012 strong?"

Warren raised more than $40 million in her bid to defeat Sen. Scott Brown, outraising and outspending the Massachusetts Republican.

Her cash haul placed her in the top five Senate campaign fundraising totals ever, and higher on the list than Sec. Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign.

The former Harvard professor notably focused much of her work on consumer debt, penning a number of books on the subject.

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