Walden: Passing a Clean Debt Limit Increase ‘Problematic for the American People’


Rep. Greg Walden (R., Ore.) spoke about the whether the GOP would try to tie spending reductions to a debt ceiling increase Tuesday morning on MSNBC. Walden said the best way to avoid a confrontation over the debt ceiling is for the president and Congress to sit down and work together to produce long term spending reductions:

CHUCK TODD: Let me — let me split off debt limit here. Are you willing to do the debt limit on its own without any — the president says he's not going to negotiate, are you willing to pass a clean debt limit?

GREG WALDEN: You know, I think passing a clean debt limit is problematic for the American people, as well as for the Congress and the country. I think that we should find common ground here to look at spending reforms for the long term that get us on a path to reducing debt and deficit. I think we should look at current spending reductions that could take place and in ways we can grow the economy. I would like to see us work together on this matter and not just say "your way or the highway." You know, the president when he was a senator voted against increasing the debt limit and said it was a failure of the leadership. Well he's the leader of the free world now. Can't we get together and try and work these things out?