Todd: Obama W.H. Has ‘No Clue’ How To Work With Congress


NBC’s Chuck Todd on Tuesday argued the Obama administration has "no clue" how to deal or work with Congress.

"They have no clue on how to deal with Congress. I've talked to folks in there and they don't know. They can't envision — I mean, Mark is right. I think they have a theory of a case, they just don't know how to implement it," Todd said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

"They don't know how to put it through. They have no idea how they're going to get anything done in Congress other than their whole theory this year is, well, if Democrats hold the Senate, maybe there's a whole bunch of stuff we can jam in the lame duck, and there is a six-week period they'll get immigration, all these things. That's about all they have. That seems to be the totality of their legislative strategy because they don't know how to work with Congress," Todd added.