Ted Strickland Regurgitates Dem Talking Points


Former Gov. Ted Strickland (D., Ohio) provided reaction to Speaker Boehner's press conference Friday morning on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street." Strickland regurgitated the usual Democratic lines of calling for tax increases and praising President Obama's leadership on the economy, despite the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting Friday that the labor force participation rate dropped last month to a mere 63.6 percent:

TED STRICKLAND: We had an election. (President Obama) made raising rates on the upper 2 percent a critical part of his campaign. At least 60 percent of the people in this country agree with the president, and for him to say that Sec. Geithner's comment that this was an essential part of the negotiations was irresponsible. […]  I think this country is poised for growth due in great part with the leadership that the president has exhibited over the last several months and the positions they've taken.