Cutter: Decisions Being Made About Whether OFA Will Be Housed at DNC


Former Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said Wednesday decisions are still being made about whether OFA's mammoth campaign organization will be housed at the Democratic National Committee or not:

TODD: Let's talk about the politics a minute–the future of Obama for America. How much a part of the DNC does it become? How do you do in 2014 what Obama for America was incapable of doing in 2010?

CUTTER: Well, let's talk about 2014. Those decisions are being made now whether Obama for America gets housed at the DNC —

TODD: Could it really be a separate organization?

CUTTER: Or it could be a separate organization. I think that coming out of the 2008 election Organizing for America, which was really a separate —

TODD: But you housed it in the DNC.

CUTTER: Right. Those decisions are being made now.

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