Spirit Airlines Uses Carlos Danger in New Ad

'The Weiner Rises Again'

Spirit Airlines


Spirit Airlines, known for its colorful advertisements making use of current events, is at it again with a new sale in honor of Anthony Weiner's sexting pseudonym, Carlos Danger.

The low-cost airline calls its sale "The Weiner Rises Again," offering deals to locations like Cancun and Los Cabos.

Weiner's New York City mayoral campaign was rocked Tuesday by news of more tawdry online behavior, even after he resigned from Congress for similar acts in 2011. Nevertheless, Weiner said he would stay in the race despite the embarrassing revelations that he sent lewd photos and engaged in sexually explicit chats with a woman outside his marriage.

Spirit has targeted the beleaguered Democrat before, running a flight special in 2011 called "The Weiner Sale: With Fares too HARD to Resist."