Snyder: ‘This Has Nothing to Do with Collective Bargaining’

Michigan governor responds to President Obama ripping right-to-work


Responding to President Barack Obama's critique of right-to-work laws earlier this week, Gov. Rick Snyder emphasized that the state's right-to-work bill is about worker choice.

"This has nothing to do with collective bargaining," Snyder said in a Tuesday interview with Fox Business. "I, in fact, believe in collective bargaining. This is about worker freedom."

Michigan is on its way to becoming the second right-to-work state in the Midwest, with legislation that would break the requirement for workers to pay union dues even the worker does not belong to the union. Earlier Tuesday Snyder said he would sign the legislation in an interview with Andrea Mitchell.

Snyder went on to praise the history of the labor movement in the interview.

"The union movement has done a lot of things in Michigan, the labor movement," Snyder said. If you go back in history, in the last century–the '20s, '30s, '40s–people flocked to join the union because they did a lot of great things with wages, working benefits, all those kinds of things. But if you go to today, shouldn't they show that value proposition today?"

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