Sen. Scott Brown Promoted to Colonel

Wikimedia Commons


Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown can add another title to his reelection resume: United States colonel.

The Massachusetts Army National Guard promoted the sitting U.S. senator to colonel on Capitol Hill. Brown was pinned by his Senate colleague, war hero and former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Brown entered the national spotlight in 2010 when he captured the Senate seat held by the deceased Ted Kennedy.

Brown, 52, enlisted as in infantryman in the Massachusetts National Guard in late 1979, after observing the guard’s response to the Bay State’s "Blizzard of ’78." He later joined the Reserved Officer Training Corps while studying at Tufts University, and became an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps after graduating from Boston College Law School.

In March, Brown was transferred out of his Massachusetts unit to the Maryland Army National Guard, where he works as a JAG at the Pentagon in Washington. As a National Guard soldier, Brown is required to work a minimum of two days each month and must pass his annual training.

Currently, Brown is running a neck-and-neck race against Harvard Prof. Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic stronghold.

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