Sen. Boozman Has ‘Real Concerns’ Over Hagel Nom

'He's said some pretty outrageous statements at times on a variety of different issues.'


Senator John Boozman (R., Ark.) appeared on KASU-FM Wednesday and voiced his concerns over the Secretary of Defense nomination for Chuck Hagel.

ANCHOR: Tell me what you think about the nomination of Chuck Hagel.

JOHN BOOZMAN: I'm really anxious that we'll have additional information that will come out. He's a guy, the one thing we need right now is to build consensus as we go forward. The military, and nobody supports the military more than I do. I think the people of Arkansas, but the reality it is in today's fiscal times, we have to be very cost efficient with our military. We all want to do that, but we need to spend the dollars we need to protect. I can't protect it as a individual or we can't as a state, we depend on the federal government to do that. I think one of the real problems with former Senator Hagel is that he's is not a person that's really gotten along. He's said some pretty outrageous statements at times on a variety of different issues. So I think there's going to be a lot of discussion and I don't really know how its going to fall out, but because of that I have some real concerns with his nomination.

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