Schumer: Senate Budget Will be ‘Great Opportunity’ to Get More Revenue


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said that he believes the Senate needs to pass a budget Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press. Additionally, Schumer noted that the forthcoming budget out of the Senate will be a "great opportunity" to collect more revenue:

DAVID GREGORY: You never get a clean debt ceiling raise.


SCHUMER: Mitch McConnell proposed it two years ago and we passed it. But let me say this on the budget. We Democrats have always intended to do a budget this year. For two reasons. First, it is not true that we haven't had budget control in effect over the last several years. The budget control act of 2011 put rigid spending cuts that are in effect — that were in effect last year. We cut $1 trillion. We didn't like it. It was much more of a Republican type proposal than ours. In effect, it expires this year, so we need a budget. But second, it's going to be a great opportunity for us. Because in our budget that we will pass, we will have tax reform, which many of my Republican colleagues liked, but it's going to include revenues. It's a great opportunity to get us some more revenues to help in part deal with sequestration […]

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